Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner candidate for Wiltshire and Swindon

Philip Wilkinson, OBE, MPhil.

Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner candidate for Wiltshire

Philip has lived in Wiltshire for the last twenty years with his wife Ruth. They have two grown up children who were educated at Dauntseys. Philip grew up on a council estate in Newbury and went to St Bartholomew’s GS before going on to the RMA Sandhurst. He went on to serve with the Royal Artillery, the Commando and Parachute Brigades before joining the Special Forces, spending six years in Northern Ireland for which he was awarded an MBE. Other highlights were to command a Regiment and to be made an OBE for being the principal author of the first ever tri-service doctrine manual entitled ‘JWP 3-50 Peace Support Operations’.

In 2000, Philip joined the DfID-funded Conflict Security and Development Group at Kings College, London as a senior research fellow and was tasked to develop the concept and practice of what is now called Security Sector Reform (SSR).  And this has been his focus for the last twenty years at the highest levels of government in Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and until 2019 in Somalia with President Hasan Sh. Mohamud and the Minister of Internal Security. In addition, Philip is a research associate at Chatham House and a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences.

Outlining his commitment to Wiltshire policing and fighting crime, Philip has outlined his priorities:

“As your Police and Crime Commissioner I will be tough on the causes of crime and prioritise crime prevention. I will be robust in my pursuit of all criminals and supportive and compassionate with the victims of crime.

“Over the last few weeks, I have listened to councillors, community leaders, residents and businesses right across the county to help produce my clear six priorities to deliver better policing which are: 

  1. More police on our streets. The government has pledged to recruit 20,000 more police officers by 2023, and has already recruited over 6,000. I want to see Wiltshire get its fair share, with more frontline officers on our streets keeping the public safe.
  2. Combat rural and agricultural crime. Using the latest technology we can tackle this growing threat to farmers and the rural community. Drones and more CCTV will give police the edge in covering large rural areas.
  3. A focus on tackling low-level crime, and fighting organised, violent crime. Communities and police working together can address low-level crime and anti-social behaviour before it escalates to more serious offences.
  4. Visible policing. A community presence in areas such as schools, community groups, and online meetings will ensure a long-term reduction in serious crime. Growing up on a council estate in Newbury I saw how effective neighbourhood policing can be.
  5. Pet theft has risen during the pandemic. I’ll work with the Government to introduce tougher penalties and recognise the seriousness of the problem. Tougher sentencing will act as deterrent to this awful crime.
  6. As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I’m your connection to the local police, and your voice on policing priorities. I will make sure your money is spent on more police, not bureaucracy, making Wiltshire and Swindon a safer place to live.”