North Korea Expained

On Friday, 14th September, Westminster City Councillor, JP Floru spoke to the Salisbury Political Literary Dining Club at the Red Lion Hotel.

He had written a book The Sun Tyrant - A Nightmare Called North Korea after he tagged along with three friends who were running a marathon in Pyonyang.

Shown by two minders what the regime wanted them to see during their nine-day trip, the group was astounded when they witnessed people bowing to their leader' statues; being told not to take photos of the leaders' feet; and hearing the hushed reverence with which people recite the history invented by the regime to keep itself in power.

He explained how this Orwellian society segregated its population and condemned millions to die of starvation and bashed to concentration camps never to return.

The Salisbury Political Literary Dining Club is hosted by Cllr Matthew Dean

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