Thursday, 20th June 2019
7 pm

Salisbury Conservative Association CPF Discussion Paper: Post-Brexit Economy.

Thursday June 20th at 7pm, The Morrison Hall, 12 Brown Street, Salisbury

By the end of October, seven months later than originally expected, the UK will have left the European Union.

It is argued that our nation’s future prosperity requires the Conservative Party to champion an optimistic vision of free trade; and that the biggest contribution we can make to international development and democracy is through free trade.

The Party remains committed to delivering lower taxes for ordinary working people.

Questions for discussion

  1. How do we change the focus of debate from Brexit to other concerns that matter to the wider electorate?
  2. What should a fair Conservative tax offer look like? How should public services be fairly funded? Which services should be funded purely by local communities?
  3. How many in your group think the government should increase spending on public services, even if that means higher taxes or more borrowing? How many disagree?
  4. Given our Party’s commitment to delivering lower taxes, what taxes would you abolish? What taxes would those who want increased spending on services be prepared to see government increase?

There will of course be an opportunity for members to raise other related questions for discussion.

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David Lovibond

CPF co-ordinator SCA