The Wiltshire Conservative Lottery

Join the Wiltshire Conservative Lottery and make a real difference to campaigning in the County.

Why do we need the Wiltshire Conservative Lottery?

There are so many good news stories that the Conservatives have generated for Wiltshire but the seemingly biased local newspapers are intent on painting our councillors in a bad light.

The Wiltshire Conservative Lottery will help fund the local Conservatives’ direct communication with voters across the county through regular newsletters, surveys, e-communication and other ways to ensure that the voters hear our message.

So what is the Wiltshire Conservative Lottery?

This is a fundraising concept to fund local Conservative campaigning just here in Wiltshire.

For £1 a week you will be entered into a monthly cash draw. The cash prizes are dependent on the number of entries to the Lottery. As a rough guide prizes will start from £80 per month rising dependent on the number of entries to the lottery.

Please see below for application form